Mohu Introduces FirstStage Amplifier

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FirstStage redefines amplification technology to reduce cable loss and pixelation for an optimized viewing experience

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mohu, The Cord Cutting Company, introduced the FirstStage amplifier, an innovative approach to managing picture quality and ensuring an optimal viewing experience for cord cutters. The FirstStage amplifier is designed to not only dramatically improve antenna performance but also simplify the install process with a more intuitive set-up.

The FirstStage amplifier was made possible by recent advancements in Mohu’s research and laboratory test systems. These enhancements have enabled the company to design an unparalleled amplifier design that provides viewers with consistent access to a wider range of channels with better reception and less pixelation, giving customers a crystal-clear picture.

“At Mohu, we pride ourselves on continuing to lead the antenna industry in product innovation, while still focusing on the needs of today’s cord cutters,” said Mark Buff, founder, and CEO of Mohu. “The FirstStage amplifier marks a long journey from our original paper-thin TV antenna, but its ability to enhance the viewing experience and set the bar for antenna technology reflects the same goals we’ve been committed to since 2011.”

The FirstStage amplifier is currently integrated with Mohu’s most recent antenna models to enhance the viewing experience for customers. Its unique integration with the antenna makes it particularly beneficial for cord cutters who use longer lengths of coaxial cables for roof-mounted antennas or other locations outdoors. This also helps to ease the install process by eliminating the need to have access to electrical power at the antenna end of the path.

FirstStage Amplifiers are now available in most of Mohu’s newest models, including Blade, Sail, and updated versions of the Leaf family.

About Mohu
Mohu, The Cord Cutting Company, is a consumer electronics manufacturer dedicated to leading the TV cord cutting revolution, bridging OTA and OTT devices and content to give consumers access to the TV they want at a cost they can control. To help consumers identify which cord cutting options are best for them, Mohu created Untangle.TV, the first cord cutting recommendation tool that shows users what they need to cut the cord. The company’s approach to TV is founded on the motto “Be Set Free,” making its products simple to use, and enabling consumers to have an exceptional experience without burdensome costs or constraints. Since introducing the world’s first paper-thin Leaf HDTV Indoor Antenna in 2011, Mohu has helped its customers save more than $1 billion by reducing or eliminating costly monthly cable and satellite bills. Mohu offers a full line of high-quality, easy-to-install and cost-effective HDTV antenna and cord cutting products. For more information, visit

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