Highlights of Five Major Standards for Purchasing a Smart TV Ahead of Black Friday Shopping

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HOUSTON, Nov. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Yeco Media&Consultant, a marketing and research company serving companies in the electronics industry and beyond, has released some tips to help consumers shop more easily for smart televisions this Black Friday. With so many brands available, making the right selection can be a challenge. Even more so, there are many types of TV options, resulting in numerous specifications in which consumers can choose.

“Industry experts use multiple dimensions of data to comprehensively evaluate TV products as well as analyze the market,” says Sherry Liu, CEO of Yeco Media& Consultant. “They suggest using five standards for selecting a smart TV, including screen body, image quality, sound quality, user experience, and craft.”

First, more than 60 percent of the TV cost is in the screen body. Today, the most advanced TV screen technology on the market is OLED, followed by 4K liquid crystal (including quantum dots), and finally the projection (laser) TV.

Image quality is also paramount for consumers who are often concerned that the quality of the TV is not clear at home. The reason is that the demonstration source is a special high-definition signal source instead of an ordinary cable TV source. At present, the most advanced image processing chip on the market is an independent development chip with the image quality repair function. Intermediate level products have integrated image quality chip while the primary have the ordinary image quality chip.

YECO notes consumers should also be focused on sound quality. Many brands today have Dolby panoramic sound effects, but they need a Dolby panoramic sound source for consumers to truly experience the effects of Dolby Atmos. Therefore, the most advanced product on the market is Dolby panoramic sound technology plus Dolby panoramic sound source area. Intermediate products are the only Dolby panoramic sound technology while the primary offers ordinary sound effect.

When buying a TV, consumers also need to see if its interactive functions are the most convenient. At present, the most advanced TV interaction method on the market is full-time AI control (response at anytime and anywhere). Intermediate products are equipped with far-field voice while primary products are remote voice. Lower-end products without voice function tend to be the least desirable.

The fifth standard consumers should take note of is craft, according to YECO. When purchasing a TV, consumers should assess appearance, materials, design and other processes. The most advanced process recognized by the global market is the German-Japanese process, followed by the common process.

YECO Media&Consultant notes that when consumers know and understand the five major color TV standards globally it will make it easier for them to make a selection. Consumers should then better understand the complex and complicated brands as well as updated iterative technology, providing an objective, fair and professional guidance to make every consumer become an “expert” in TV purchases.

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